So, I don't watch TV very often, in fact, I probably watch youtube more to be honest. Oddly enough over the past few years I've noticed advertising has become more and more popular. Even on YT. Whether it be for cars, movies, food, etc. I find it personally annoying because my patience is I guess shorter when online than that when I watch TV.

Advertising on TV can be annoying too though. Those info can only hype up a product so much, I think a lot of the time they over do it. I remember when Billy Mays used to promote oxyclean, he literally came off like he was yelling at the viewers, we get it, it's good at removing stains, it's not a cure for cancer though. I tried working in sales before, I'm just not the type who's good at seemingly pressuring people to get what I've got. I think it all boils down to companies just wanting money, which is normal, money makes the world go round but when we make it our sole focus or existence then we start …

week 3

So purely and simply I did this search because I have an interest in cosmetics, not to look fake, I mean I just had a baby I don't exactly have time to primp but I do like what cosmetics do/does in regards to making people feel better about themselves. So I searched MAC cosmetics on facebook and I think the page (even though its "liked" by over 17M) is geared more towards professionals, I think that's great but I like when I can see regular everyday people's pics and I don't see that on the page, They seem to use professionals or models, so the everyday aspect is taken out of the picture. So if you're a pro this page would be beneficial, esp if you already know the brand. I do not think the average everyday person would benefit much partly because the only piece that's relatable is if someone already knows to title  not even a link to the website was provided.

Recently theres a commercial on tv its a woman advertising an insurance company and goes on …

Twitter and why I dont need it, and my life outside of the internet

So I stated in my last post that I only have FB, youtube (I watch it, I have a "channel" but no uploaded videos) and pinterest in regards to my relationship with social media. This is a personal decision because I only want to be exposed or available to the rest of the internet world to an extent.

To be completely honest if I were to have a Twitter acct I would NOT follow Donald Trump, I don't feel he's all that knowledgeable in a lot of what he tweets about, although I will say the tweet of his that made the news recently about covfefe seemed funny, and I will admit I have no idea what it is about, I think it is either a misused word or a misspelled word in which case he's only human and it's nice to see even the president can make a mistake (albeit minor). The 3 people I would follow are cosmetic gurus from youtube and off the top of my head it'd be Casey Holmes, Jaclyn Hill, and Nicole Guerirro. I've been "subscribed" to all 3 of their ch…
I'm Andrea, I don't have a major picked yet, although I will probably pick criminology or music, those are just 2 interests of mine. I am at LBCC because I want to learn more about those interests. My immediate career goal is to get a job above min wage. I am a mother of 3 so whatever my career ends up being will likely have to wait a little while.

I'd love to know why the media is everywhere now, I remember the days when it was the local news and the news paper. And tbh I kinda miss it being that way.

As I stated, I like music, I found out back in high-school that I was very musically inclined and started writing music, performing and recomposing at a young age.

3 sources of info as far as what I see is Facebook, Youtube and the local news. I don't have twitter, or instagram or any of those other social media accts. I wouldn't consider any of these except local news to be my "go-to" source for info purely because on the internet things change frequently …