So, I don't watch TV very often, in fact, I probably watch youtube more to be honest. Oddly enough over the past few years I've noticed advertising has become more and more popular. Even on YT. Whether it be for cars, movies, food, etc. I find it personally annoying because my patience is I guess shorter when online than that when I watch TV.

Advertising on TV can be annoying too though. Those info can only hype up a product so much, I think a lot of the time they over do it. I remember when Billy Mays used to promote oxyclean, he literally came off like he was yelling at the viewers, we get it, it's good at removing stains, it's not a cure for cancer though. I tried working in sales before, I'm just not the type who's good at seemingly pressuring people to get what I've got. I think it all boils down to companies just wanting money, which is normal, money makes the world go round but when we make it our sole focus or existence then we start having problems.


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